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  • Here you can offer vape goods and accessories for trade or sale. You need at least 50 posts to be able to use this board.
    Rules are as follows:

    General Board Guidelines
    • State what you want to trade or sell, give a good description, and the condition of the device.
    • Itís a good idea if possible to post a photo of the item/s
    • You must list your location in your profile.
    • Please list which country/countries you are willing to ship the item to.
    • All private information should be conducted via personal message system only. No telephone numbers, addresses or email addresses are to be posted in the Forum.
    • Use this board at your own risk. Ceekays Vape Shack cannot be held liable or responsible for any losses or disputes.
    • Any disputes are to be sorted via PM and not discussed on the board.

    Sales guidelines, as above including:
    • Your final asking price should include postage costs, and any fees you incur with the transaction, costs should not be added on at the end. Include your preferred method of payment.
    • Beware of asking for/paying by PayPal gift. This can leave the buyer vulnerable should there be any disputes.
    • NO auction type sales.
    • No suppliers, vendors, or mod makers are permitted to sell goods via this board.
    At your own risk:
    Transactions and all other contact between you and other members of this forum are conducted entirely at your own risk. By using this board you agree that Ceekays Vape Shack takes no responsibility or liability for any misconduct of any of its forum members including, without limitation, members that have registered under false pretences or who attempt to defraud you. Ceekays Vape Shack gives no undertakings, representations, or warranties in relation to items sold or listed on Ceekays Vape Shack Forum Trades and Sales board.