• #16 by ezeetrucker on 13 Jan 2018
  • I have taken this from a trusted reviewer. Main points in bold


        Amazing flavor
        Looks clean and simple
        Deep juice well which is great for squonking and over-drippers
        Straight forward wicking
        The best included drip tip I have ever seen
        Single / Dual coil building options
        Properly fitting o-rings


        Slightly restricted DTL, I think it's perfect, some may disagree


        Removing the top cap to re-juice has the potential to disturb the wick
        Flavor depends heavily on coil placement so may not be the best beginner RDA
        I don't mind the logo but I'm not a fan of the name
  • #17 by zimmerman on 14 Jan 2018
  • Ok guys my bad I have come to eat humble pie and learn to keep my big gob shut until I have actually tried the item a friend of mine dropped in yesterday asking if I would make him some Clapton aliens for his rda as I had a few already made I said I would put them in for him and what did he pull out of his pocket yes the dead rabbit so I coiled and wicked it up for him so I just had to try it and yes I was blown away flavour very good and great vapour I don't know if I was mixing this rda up with something else but you where both right full apologies I will admit when I am wrong and I certainly was with this rda  :sorry:
  • #18 by tiddler on 14 Jan 2018
  • Damn it Zim  :think:

    I might have to go buy one, now you've said that  :fp2:

  • #19 by zimmerman on 14 Jan 2018
  • As Julie and ss have said the flavour is very good but not what it was hyped up to be for a duel  coil top airflow rda its better than most of the same design I am still waiting for the dead rabbit q 22mm probably tomorrow now I can't wait to try it now
  • #20 by Ceekay on 14 Jan 2018
  • I'm certainly not an expert on RDA's (Yet  :haha:) I'll get there. But I thought the flavour was good, but all that hype.... not sure it deserves that.

    I still prefer the Druga!  :dunno: just me being an *rse as usual, lol. I think I should probably give the bunny a bit more use, and have a play with the coil height etc.

    And bless ya Zim, apology accepted (but not needed really).... you know your stuff, and we are all allowed different opinions, t'is what makes the world go round  :wink:

  • #21 by ezeetrucker on 14 Jan 2018
  • Yes you're right there Julie. Definitely no need for apologies Zim.
  • #22 by zimmerman on 14 Jan 2018
  • Thanks guys but if I am wrong I prefare to own up not cover up just the way I roll I am pretty sure I mixed it up with another rda but even then I had not used it so I shouldn't have commented
  • #23 by Ceekay on 14 Jan 2018
  • Yeah I'm like that too Zim, especially when the hubby yells "who did this???" I always make the stupid mistake of saying 'Me!'

    I could have got away with sooooooo much if I just learned to keep quiet  :laughtears:
  • #24 by zimmerman on 14 Jan 2018
  • I know where you are coming from Julie I always take the blame when one of my grandchildren get shouted at by mum I step in and say it was me she won't shout at me or I would put her across my knee as old as she is lol
  • #25 by Ceekay on 14 Jan 2018
  • Haha... awww bless your a good Granddad. My mum is just the same, she'll take the blame for my kids everytime  :yes: