• #196 by mh37 on 13 Jan 2018
  • Tis true :extreme:
  • #197 by StarGeezerTim on 14 Jan 2018
  • Started watching an anime on Netflix called Fate/Apocrypha. Only watched the first 4 or so episodes, but it's okay so far. In familiar anime trope fashion that borrows heavily on Western legend but with a Japanese "twist", the story involves a "grail war" between sides (in this case, Britain v. Romania.) "Masters" are chosen to summon "servants", who are famous (or infamous) characters from history/myth. So far I've seen the likes of Achilles, Frankenstein's monster, Mordred, Joan of Arc, Siegfried, Vlad Tepes (the pre-vampire Dracula), and Jack the Ripper. It's all rather silly, but I was eating a batch of homemade chili to stave off the cold weather (it got down to around -22C overnight) and this seemed like something different. It did not disappoint on that score. I'm debating if I want to watch the rest of the season or not. LOL
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  • I've never really got into the whole Anime scene, although the last couple of years I've met a bunch of people (actually from playing PoGo) that love it! I mean thats just about all they ever watch. They're from all over the world, and we keep in touch via Discord.

    I've often stumbled across Anime when searching for movies or series on Kodi, and thought shall I have a look... never have yet though.
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  • Anime is so lifelike now sometimes it hard to tell the difference
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  • Yeah, I'm not a fanatic about it or anything, but I do enjoy it. Some are quite good, and like zim says, there are some that leave you scratching your head over if it's anime or live action (for instance, the Final Fantasy XV movie, "Kingsglaive.")

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  • Yeah that doesn't look like proper Anime though does it  :no2:
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  • Anime casts a wide net these days, actually. You have "traditional" anime, the more whimsical and almost "Disney-esque" stuff from places like Studio Ghibli (in fact, Disney has actually brought Ghibli's stuff over to the Western market like Ponyo and The Secret World of Arrietty), and of course the CGI-centric stuff like Kingsglaive, Captain Harlock and the new Godzilla trilogy.
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  • I don't know what any of that means  :no2:  Like I said never watched it! lol....

    One day then....
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  • I am a lover of all things manga so well used to watching anime even with sub titles
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  • We are definitely cut from the same cloth, zim.  :cheers:
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  • I always liked "Danger Mouse"  (Penfold was just brilliant)
    Does that count?   :scratch:

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  • Haven't watched Danger Mouse in forever, that was a good 'un! Good choice, tids!
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  • I used to have that name on the windshield of my first motorbike
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  • Well, the more we got to talking about it, I decided to watch Kingsglaive again tonight. Good stuff!
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  • A heads up to    @SomeCallMeLaz
    Series 4 of Broen, the bridge is about, think there has been about 3 episodes so far.