• #1 by Ceekay on 30 Aug 2017
  • Ok on my quest to find a new ADV I have built up a few concentrates and samples of concentrates that I just really don't have room for in my cupboard. So I wanna pass them on so others can give them a go.

    I don't mind sending them as one job lot if someone wants them all, or I will split into a couple of packages. I won't send just the odd one or two bottles though as it will end up costing me a fortune in postage.

    So I'm gonna list what there is, and if anyone wants to give the whole lot, or half the lot a try let me know  :yes:
    All ml's are approx


    Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 8ml
    Peaches and Cream V2 8ml
    New York Cheesecake 8ml

    Real Flavours

    Baja Soda 9ml

    One on one flavours

    Cinnamon Bears 10ml


    BYO Nutzilla 4ml
    H2OMG 3ml
    Labyrinth 3ml
    Aurora 3ml
    Cream Fresh 4ml
    RY4 Fruit & Nut 3ml
    Metaphor 4ml
    Monsoon 4ml
    Orange 10ml
    Lemon Iced tea 10ml
    Zeppola 10ml

    Ok thats it for now, do check flavours out on the relevant sites.... I couldnt be bothered to describe each one! lol
    Let me know if theres any you fancy  :wink2:

  • #2 by Ceekay on 30 Aug 2017
  • Really?? no takers? Someone must fancy giving some of these a go?  :anyone:
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  •  :con2:
  • #4 by Ceekay on 30 Aug 2017
  • Just so everyone is clear, these are free by the way, and I will cover p&p.....

    but I should have said UK only, thanks lol
  • #5 by Ceekay on 30 Aug 2017
  • And yep... no tobacco, sorry CW :(
  • #6 by tiddler on 31 Aug 2017
  • Really?? no takers? Someone must fancy giving some of these a go?  :anyone:

    Yeah ... Go on then Julie, I'll take them  :yes:

    I'll definitely keep the Peaches and cream (Yum) and will try a couple of the others  :smile:

    Anything left over I'll probably give to @sallyg so she can try her hand at a bit of mixing  ;)
  • #7 by Ceekay on 31 Aug 2017
  • Ok Tids, if you PM me your address I'll pop them in the post next time I'm down the village.
  • #8 by tiddler on 31 Aug 2017
  • Done  :yes:

    Thanks Julie  :thumbs:  :kisscheek:
  • #9 by tiddler on 05 Sep 2017
  • Cooool  :coolsign: Postie turned up with a bag full of concentrates today  :thumbs:

    Thank you so much Julie  :smile: :smile: :smile:  :kisscheek:
  • #10 by Ceekay on 05 Sep 2017
  • You're very welcome Tids, hope you can find one or two that you like ;)
  • #11 by tiddler on 05 Sep 2017
  • Well I'm definitely looking forward to trying the "Peaches & Cream V2"  :yes:
    Not had the V2 version yet so could be interesting  :smile:

    And the "Cinnamon Bears" sounds nice too   :thumbup:

    Need to get my mixing head on  ;)
  • #12 by Ceekay on 05 Sep 2017
  • I didn't even try the cinnamon bears, can't even remember if I gave it a sniff or not. The thought of it was enough to put me off! lol
  • #13 by tiddler on 07 Sep 2017
  • Tried the Capella Peaches & Cream V2 today  :yes:

    Nice  :thumbs: Managed to do a 60ml mix @15% It's weird in so far as its very similar to the normal one that I got from "Make my Vape" But despite it saying on the label "Just the flavor-Not the sweetener" It actually tastes a tad sweeter to me  :scratch: And a little bit tangier  :)

    Where did you get this one from Julie?
  • #14 by Ceekay on 07 Sep 2017
  • Oh crikey can't remember now... might have been rainbowvapes  :scratch: yes it was, cos they do the original and the V2. The V2 is a safer version. It states this on the page 'DIACETYL: < 5 ppm ACETYL PROPIONYL: < 5 ppm ACETOIN: <5 ppm'
    Which is a lower level than the original versions I believe.
  • #15 by tiddler on 07 Sep 2017
  • Thanks Julie  :)

    And that's typical  :roll: I've still got about 120ml of the original concentrate left  :fp:

    No worries though It'll all get used no problem  :yes: