• #1 by Ceekay on 16 Oct 2017
  • Ok I have a few things for sale....

    First Evic Primo
    Hardly used, if ever... To be honest I think at the time this was too big, and I wasn't keen on the shape. This has been sat in the cupboard for a good few months though!

    Boxed with charging cable and brown leather spare sticker.
    35 1st class signed for.

    Next an arc pico kit in rainbow.... still sealed!!

    35 1st class signed for.

    And last for now.... Wismec Theorem tank... still sealed!

    13 1st class signed for.... Now 10

    Fire away with any questions...  :wink:
  • #2 by Ceekay on 17 Oct 2017
  • Just seen that Amazon do the pico for 30, so reducing mine 28 :)
  • #3 by cw6ft2ntx on 17 Oct 2017
  • I saw no sign 'posted: no US offers'. I'll take the Primo  :ting: Only kidding. Good luck :thumbup:
  • #4 by Ceekay on 17 Oct 2017
  • Hahaha!! If the postage was cheap enough I would post to the US cw.
    Thanks though  :wink:
  • #5 by Ceekay on 20 Oct 2017
  • Primo SOLD  :smile:
  • #6 by Ceekay on 20 Oct 2017
  • Pico Sold
  • #7 by zimmerman on 20 Oct 2017
  • Well done Julie at this rate you will be able to buy your fridge back lol
  • #8 by Ceekay on 21 Oct 2017
  • Hahaha!! Don't want the fridge back... no way!

    Well this week I have sold, the speeder, the primo, predator, pico kit, and the pipe (tw joyetech thingy one) Approx 130... feels good to be actually making room on the shelf and getting some cash back.
    I do have that new asmodus on the way though.... so the profit is disappearing already! lol
  • #9 by cw6ft2ntx on 21 Oct 2017
  • Well done CK. Mods move faster than they did on the old forum LOL!  :wink2:
  • #10 by RoD on 21 Oct 2017
  • all the good stuff is in the UK  :(
  • #11 by Ceekay on 21 Oct 2017
  • Hey Rod!, you'll have to come visit the UK for a holiday, make sure you bring your wellies and a rain coat! lol. Oh and plenty of thick warm sweaters! lol  :yes: and a scarf... and some ear muffs! and gloves  :laughtears:

    cw, they are all selling over on a huge FB group, not on the forum. I just pop them on here to give you guys first refusal before I put them on there.
  • #12 by Ceekay on 21 Oct 2017
  • Wismec Theorem now reduced to a tenner posted  :yes: