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Author Topic: Vaping Glossary - Arm Yourself With Knowledge!  (Read 1482 times)

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Vaping Glossary - Arm Yourself With Knowledge!
« on: July 04, 2017, 08:35:00 PM »
Vaping is much easier to read about (and discuss) once you know some of the more common terms and names for various aspects and parts. So with that in mind, have a look at our glossary and be just a little bit wiser about the whole subject! ;)

  • 510 - Most atomisers, tanks and the threading is now 510 by standard.
  • Battery sizes - 18350, 18500, 18650, 26650 and so on. The first 2 numbers refer to the width of the battery 18xxx, the last 3 numbers refer to the height of the battery xx650 (in mm's)
  • Airflow - The amount of air that can be sucked in via the tank to cool the atomiser. Sub-ohm atties will normally have huge airflow to cool the coil. More airflow normally results in more vapour. Less airflow will result in less vapour, but a tighter draw.
  • AFC - Airflow control refers the how the airflow is adjusted and controlled on a particular tank. Some AFC is in the form of a ring or sleeve that is turned, some in the forum of a screw and so on.
  • ADV - All day vape. This is a flavour or type of eliquid that the vaper can use all day without it being too sweet, or too sickly etc.
  • AWG - A term typically found in coil building, AWG is short for 'American Wire Gauge' the measurement of the wire used to make your own coils. The lower the number, the thicker the wire, and the less resistance the coil will have. For example, 26AWG is thicker than 32AWG and will have less resistance (so more suited to lower ohm coil builds)
  • Amps - The flow of energy in the battery, higher amp batteries should be used for lower resistance coils, and sub ohm vaping.
  • Analog - Vapers terminology for a regular tobacco cigarette. Whether it be in  pack of 20 or rolled by hand.
  • Atomiser (Atomizer) - Also know as the atty, this is the replaceable part of an ecig or tank that has the wick and coil inside. The wick delivers the liquid to coil which in turn vaporises it.
  • Auto fire - An ecig that doesn't have a button that needs to be pressed to fire the coil. When the user inhales, a sensor inside fires the coil.
  • Battery - All ecigs need a battery to work, some are a part of the device as a whole. Others are replaceable which has the added benefit of charging on a separate charger.
  • Box Mod - Personal vaporisers (ecigs) that are normally oblong or square. Different designs than the tubular devices and pen style ecigs.
  • Cartridge - Not so popular or used as often than they were 5 years ago, but a cartridge is a mouthpiece that has some form of absorbent sponge or fluval inside, this holds liquid and slowly delivers it to the coil.
  • Cartomizer (Carto) - Cartridge and atomiser all in one. Can be used alone, or in tanks if pre-drilled holes are present.
  • Clouds, Cloud chasing - Refers to using a low ohm atomizer and a higher than normal VG liquid to produce massive 'clouds' of vapour.
  • Coil - Either factory made as part of an atomiser, or user made in some tanks, the coil is wire that resembles a spring, this is heated to vaporise the liquid.
  • Cotton - A type of wicking material.
  • Cut-Off - The time a user can draw on a vaporizer before it cuts off, usually around 10 seconds.
  • DC - Dual coil, 2 coils running together to create better flavour and more vapour.
  • DC Atomiser - Factory made atomizers that comprise of 2 coils inside.
  • DCT - Dual Coil Tank. A tank that utilizes dual coil punched cartomisers
  • Deck - The inside workspace in a dripper, or rebuildable tank, that has positive and negative posts attached. For new coil builders, bigger decks are more favourable.
  • DIY Liquid - Liquid that you make yourself using a mixture of Nicotine base, diluents and flavour concentrate. This is favoured as you can tweak and fine tune your mixes to get the flavour just right.
  • DL - Direct lung inhaling.
  • Draw - Drawing is the same as 'dragging' on  cigarette, the act of inhaling vapour via the mouthpiece.
  • Drip, Dripping - Using a dripper to drip drops of eliquid either into a tank or carto, or directly onto the coil and wick.
  • Drip Tip - The (usually) removable mouthpiece found on a tank or vaporizer. The name drip tip comes from using mouthpieces with large holes to drip liquid down and through into the coil.
  • Dry Burn - The means of cleaning your coil by firing the coil with no liquid. The coil heats up and glows and this will clean off most of the 'gunk'. This shouldn't be done while the coil has cotton wicking still inside.
  • Dry Hit - The acrid taste from a coil when either the tank has run out of liquid, or the wick isn't delivering liquid fast enough to the coil.
  • Ecigarette - The popular name for an electronic vaporizer, vaping device or cig-a-like.
  • Ejuice - Another name for eliquid, although the term juice can be frowned up as it can be viewed as encouraging children to vape.
  • Eliquid - A liquid comprising of Nicotine base (not in all instances) and diluents plus flavouring that vapers use in ecigarettes to produce vapour.
  • Flooding - Overfilling an atomizer, or if making your own coils insufficient wicking can cause flooding. You can normally tell if your atty is flooded by a gurgling sensation when drawing on the mouthpiece.
  • Genesis Tank A tank where the build deck is above the liquid tank. Liquid is fed to the coil via capillary action of a mesh/silica or cotton wick, rather than the gravity action of other tanks.
  • HR - High Resistance, a higher ohm coil that is used for higher power vaping. Not as popular as it once was.
  • Hybrid - A vaporiser that has a battery tube and tank as an all in one mod.
  • Kick - Also known as throat hit.
  • Kanthal - A type of Wire used to make coils.
  • LR - Low resistance, a lower ohm coil normally used for sub-ohm vaping.
  • mAh - Referring to battery energy storage, the higher the mAh the longer the time between charges.
  • Manual Battery - A battery where the button is pressed to fire the atomizer.
  • Mech Mod - also known as mechanical mod, this is an unregulated vaporiser that has no on board chip or built in circuit protection.
  • Mod - Another term used for vaporizers and ecigs.
  • MTL - Mouth to lung inhaling, taking the vapour into the mouth and pausing for a second before inhaling it into the lungs. Typically how one would smoke a tobacco cigarette.
  • Ni - Nickel wire, used to make coils for TC vaping.
  • Nicotine - The nicotine part of the eliquid is normally measured in mg or more recently %. Since the introduction of the TPD (tobacco products directive) the highest nicotine % for a UK eliquid is 2.0% (20mg) Before the TPD you could purchase and vape much higher % of nicotine
  • Ohm - The resistance of a coil. Low ohm (or sub-ohm) is normally used for making clouds, while higher ohm is used to replicate smoking
  • Pass Through - If a vaporiser has pass through, then you can normally still vape while the device is charging.
  • PV - Personal vaporizer, another of many names for an ecigarette.
  • PG - Propylene Glycol, one of the diluents used to make eliquid.
  • Prime - Also known as priming the atomizer/coil. This should be done before first use, and its the act of dripping eliquid into an atty or coil and wick to make sure the wicking is thoroughly saturated to avoid dry hits.
  • Rebuildable - Any tank or atty that you can build your own coils and wicks for.
  • RDA - Rebuildable Driping Atomiser
  • RDTA - Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser
  • RTA - Rebuildable Tank Atomiser
  • RBA - Rebuildable Atomiser.
  • Resistance - Resistance is all down to the way the coil is wrapped, coil size, number of coils, and thickness of wire, this final outcome is measured in ohms.
  • Shinyitus - When a vaper is constantly browsing new products, and has to have the latest device it is called 'Shinyitus'! lol.
  • Silica - A type of wicking material that can survive high temperatures
  • Squonking - A way of vaping the uses a dripping atomiser with  a centre pin that has a hole through the middle. This Squonking RDA connects to a Squonking mod that utilizes a tube that goes from the centre pin, down in to a plastic bottle contained in the mod. The act of 'squonking' means the user squeezes (squonks) the bottle gentley (by means of a hole in the mod) and this feeds liquid into the well of the RDA
  • Steeping - When making your own eliquid, steeping is said to bring out the flavour of some liquids. Steeping can be achieved by gently warming the liquid, shaking the bottle, leaving the lid off so air can get to the liquid. Or just leaving the liquid to sit before use, some typical steeping times are a few days to a few weeks.
  • Sub-ohming - The type of vaping used to make huge clouds of vapour. The vaper would use a sub-ohm coil and high VG eliquid.
  • SS/SS316 - Stainless steel wire used to make coils.
  • Sweet Spot - The perfect power, coil, and nicotine level for your vaping experience to  make everything 'spot on'!
  • Tank -  The part of the ecig which houses the atomiser and eliquid. UK tanks now have to hold 2ml or less of eliquid, while other parts of the world can enjoy tanks of all sizes.
  • Throat Hit - The feeling in the back of the throat that the nicotine in eliquid produces. Also known as hit and kick to the throat.
  • Ti - Titanium wire, used to make coils for TC vaping.
  • TC - Temperature Control, a type of vaping where the user inputs a highest acceptable temperature for the coil when vaping. The vaporiser will then pulse the power to keep the temperature at the set level.
  • Tube/Tubular Mod - A tube shaped device or pen style ecig.
  • Vapers Tongue - Can be caused by using one flavour for long periods of time, in effect rendering the flavour as tasteless. This can affect several flavours or in extreme cases every flavour that the vaper uses.
  • VapePorn - Images of beautiful, sexy, vape items normally photographed to please the eye of the viewer! :)
  • Vapor - The steam created when a coil vaporises eliquid.
  • VV - Variable voltage, a device where the user can alter the voltage applied to the coil.
  • VW - Variable Wattage, a device where the user can alter the wattage to the coil.
  • Wick - The material that delivers eliquid to the coil, this can be silica, cotton, mesh and ceramic to name a few.
  • Wire - Used to make the coil of an atomizer, or the coil for a rebuildable atomiser.

See the full blog post on CVS Blog - Vaping Glossary
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Re: Vaping Glossary - Arm Yourself With Knowledge!
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2017, 08:08:07 PM »
Brilliant CK. Wish I had noticed this before. It would definitely have answered a lot of questions for me. RETTLIEN  :clap:
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